I hope to open your minds to the world of design

introduce you to relevant topics and themes

and give you more insight into what being an architect and being me is like.

This is more of a personal "rambling" style project right now rather than a means to an end, so don't be surprised if these posts vary in length, focus, amount of fantastic pictures, and intensity of sarcasm. I do promise to try my hardest to go heavy on the pictures and lighter on the sarcasm! And I shall of course let you know if I find a new calling (doubtful). I can't promise I will always be rational or stay on topic, but bear with me and you might find something you like!

I've enabled the comments on posts so you can AMA (Ask Me Anything)! Or feel free to drop me a message via the Contact Me page and we'll chat. I'm never too busy to give you some education or enjoy your opinions. :)

#architecture #welcome #design

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